Sports nutrition has come a long way, why haven't you followed?

We now have more options than ever. Sometimes making an egg omlette or having an avocado toast feels great, but just as often we want to supercharge our day. And on that day Aisor's products engineered for performance are the correct choice.

With plant protein, natural stevia sweetener, no artificial flavouring or coloring, high in fiber from the highest quality oats and a touch of plant sourced caffeine - this is now the way to start a day that requires that extra edge.

  • Flavour Organic Peruvian Cacao
  • Packaging Reusable 3,3lbs (1,5kg) container
  • Main Ingredients Finely Ground Canadian Oat Powder & Organic Brown Rice + Pea Protein
  • Meals 15 meals - 100g/400Cal each
The secret sauce is not that secret...

Carefully picked science backed ingredients to maximize your performance

Vegan ingredients

Plant based to become a high quality supplement of your plant diet or to enhance diets that are meat centric with a greater macronutrient diversity.

Protein + Complex Carbs

The base of our formula are high quality oats grinded in to a fine powder. An incredible source of fiber and complex carbohydrates with Beta Glucan it combines excellently with our mix of organic brown rice and pea protein.

Tastes great without sugar

It's challenging but can be done - to circumvent all shortcuts other manufacturers use such as artificial flavouring, sweetening or coloring. We made it so it's FREE of sugars or artificial additives and tasty at the same time. We achieve this with a carefully developed ratio of Stevia and Monk fruit natural sweeteners.

Packed with good stuff

With 36g protein, 36g carbohydrates, 13g fats & 4g fiber it will be a meal that will start the day with no compromises.

ZERO Sugar

Sweetened with Stevia & Monk Fruit

100% VEGAN

Produced only with vegan ingredients

Dairy FREE

Get more micronutrients with plant protein

NO Preservatives

Only the good without any of the bad!

NO Soy

We prefer our stuff soy FREE.

NOT Artificial

No artificial sweeteners, colorings or flavors.
We don't have the time to waste your time

Can awesomeness be packed in a bottle? You love it or your money back!

Aisor is a different breed, if you don't like it, we don't want your money. So give us a try risk-free. If you're unhappy we don't ask any questions - you love it or we return your money.

Silky smooth taste, highest quality ingredients & instant mixablity? why not have it all?

After several years of testing and dozens of iterations Aisor meal replacement shake wouldn't exist if its taste wasn't exceptional.

When you take a sip of Aisor you'll first notice the subtle, yet complex taste of the organic Peruvian cacao. Known for their ancient cacao production it's made by using fermented cacao beans which are first washed and selected, dried and processed into nibs. Nibs are then milled into cacao paste which is then pressed for oil - this yields the highest quality cacao butter and then the press cake is milled into tasty cacao powder.

A carefull mix of only the highest quality ingredients makes the meal smooth and easy to drink while also filling you and not leaving you feeling hungry.

Forget concerningly long ingredient lists - sometimes the best tasting foods have the simplest but carefully picked ingredients. If you give us a chance we'll have your back. In the unlikely event you end up not liking it, simply let us know and we'll return your money no questions asked!


Each performance meal includes:

Finely ground oats

Carefully sourced, finely ground oats provide complex carbohydrates and important fiber which is also a great source of beneficial Beta-Glucan.

Smooth plant protein

We use only the highest quality organic brown rice & pea protein to satisfy your muscle's needs for recovery and growth.

Organic Peruvian Cacao

For a luxuriously complex tasting shake we had to search all around the world to find the highest quality Peruvian Cacao. It's the reason you will look forward to each Aisor shake.

Vegan BCAA, Creatine, Caffeine

Pea and brown rice protein are rich in BCAAs, but to turbo charge your shake we've added 5g creatine and 80mg caffeine per 100g.

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Packaged in a reusable container & shipped with recycled packaging
All ingredients carefully sourced to create a meal without using any animal products

Great taste & great customer support. If for any reason what-so-ever, you decide Aisor is not right for you, we will return your money guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is our priority. Try Aisor for 90 days. Love it or your money back.


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